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Parent Advisory Council


Introducing the Carolina Courts Parent Advisory Council, new for the 2023-24 basketball seasons.  The Parent Advisory Council is a strategic group created to serve the best interests of program participants, coaches, parents, and staff at Carolina Courts. 

This Council will partner with coaches and directors at Carolina Courts in the furtherance of Carolina Courts basketball operations to ensure consistency, organization, and commitment on key components of the program from one season to the next. 


This Council will include parents of children participating in the following Carolina Courts programs:

  • Attack 365/Lady Attack
  • CC Elite/Lady Attack Elite
  • Crossover Jr. NBA League

The Parent Advisory Council will consist of a Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, and Treasurer and all parents of a child participating in any of the above programs have a seat on the council.

Chairperson – The Chairperson will be tasked with direct communication to program Directors at Carolina Courts and the delegation of various tasks throughout the Council.  The Chairperson will receive all pertinent correspondence from program Directors and will distribute to the Council through the Vice Chair as appropriate.

Vice Chair – The Vice Chair is responsible for all internal communication and decisions within the Council.  The Vice Chair is responsible for ensuring that all parents and players are where they are assigned to be when they are assigned to be there.

Secretary – The Secretary keeps meeting minutes (notes) and sends out correspondence to the parents as necessary.

Treasurer – The Treasurer maintains financial records and distributes funds as agreed upon by the Council.

Council Members – The Council Members as a whole carry the task of assisting and supporting the organization in its entirety which include scheduling, travel arrangements, fundraising, information distribution, snacks, hydration, stats keeping, and all other aspects outside of coaching and internal administrative tasks carried out by the Carolina Courts front and back office.

Associated tasks to be completed or assigned by the Parent Advisory Council are as follows, but not limited to;

  1. Ensuring that game and practice times, days, and court locations are communicated including any changes to the aforementioned.
  2. Supplying of gameday snacks or refreshments.
  3. Sizing and distribution of uniforms
  4. Communicating travel arrangements where necessary during the travel season.
  5. Any other tasks as determined to be necessary by the head coach and/or Parent Advisory Council.


For consideration for an executive seat on the Parent Council please contact the liaison Coach Ben Tomerlin at or o.704-882-1115