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Concord Open Gym

Open Gym Volleyball requests for Concord require net assembly, please call ahead within one hour of expected arrival to allow for court preparation. 


All open gym members are required to set up their free account for entry. A key card is issued to each member and must be used for entry into the gym. 

Member must present valid ID for verification.  The following new fees will apply for open gym.

- Open Gym Entry

Upon your first visit to Carolina Courts Open Gym, you will be assigned a Carolina Courts Key Card free of charge. You will use this key card to check in each time you come to Open Gym. If you forget to bring your card, or you lose your card, you will be charged $2 to replace your card, resulting in a $8 Open Gym Fee without your card. 

You can also download the App in your Playstore and login to your account to display your card electronically to avoid $2 replacement fee.

REMINDER:  Children under the age of 13 cannot be left at the gym without adult supervision.  All children under 18 years old must have a parent sign waiver at the time new gym membership is issued for the minor.  No exceptions.

Proof of Age May be Required. (Official Documentation)

No Team Practices or Private Lessons Allowed During Open Gym