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Volleyball Programs at Concord


Bronze Program 

Our Bronze Program will work on providing each athlete with an introductory knowledge of the sport of volleyball.  Athletes will be given the groundwork so that they can become confident in reaching their full potential both on and off the court.  All athletes in this program are new to the sport and will learn the basic fundamental skills of volleyball. Bronze in concord meets 2 sessions a week.   


Spring Bronze League

Spring Session 1: March 9th - April 1st

Session 4: April 13th - May 6th

K-10th Grade | Tues and Thurs | 5:00pm-6:00pm

Athletes will be Separated by age and skill

*Athletes Do Not Need to Have Participated in Previous Session to Register

No Programs April 5th-9th

Silver League

The Silver League will take the fundamentals taught in the Bronze League and continues to build on them as each athlete is given the opportunity to continue to grow their individual skills to the next level. Coaches will challenge athletes to enhance their personal skill level through repetition of necessary skills. 

In this camp athletes will have 2 sessions a week. 


Spring Silver League

March 9th - May 6th

Middle School/High School Silver

Tues and Thurs | 6:00-7:15pm | $250

No Programs April 5th-9th

Gold Fall League

The Gold Leagues offers a place for intermediate volleyball players to become advanced and stronger in their abilities on and off the court.

We will focus on improving individual skill and challenging each athlete to move to the next level.  


Spring Gold League

March 9th - May 6th

Jr Division Gold (5th-8th) | Tues/Thurs | 6:00-7:15pm

High School Gold | Tues/Thurs | 6:00-7:15pm

Price : $299.50

No Programs April 5th-9th


Gold Tryouts

Volleyball Gold League