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Volleyball Small Groups & Clinics at Indian Trail


Beginner Clinics: clinics are geared towards beginners in 4th-10th (co-ed) grade looking to learn the volleyball basics!

Intermediate/Advanced Clinics: clinics are geared towards 6th-12th graders (co-ed) who have their fundamentals mastered and may be looking to try out for their school teams!

Men's Clinics: clinics are geared towards 6th-12th grade boys who have their fundamentals mastered and want more practice with specific skills. They will be practicing on a men's net!

Gold Prep Clinics: clinics are geared towards 6th-12th graders who have their fundamentals mastered and have gone through our bronze and silver leagues. These prep clinics are strictly for players interested in trying out for our gold league!

*Clinics require 5 participants to run*

All Skills Clinics

All Skills Clinic will include instruction and drills for all the main skills (setting, hitting, passing, serving)

Position Training Clinics

The positional training clinic focuses on the specific positions in volleyball in hopes to make your child more comfortable deciding a position they prefer to play. This will also include rotation training.

Skill Specific Clinics

Each clinic will focus on techniques and drills to improve skill development.


Small Group Trainings are geared towards 6th-12th graders who know the basic skills of volleyball and are looking to enhance their game in certain skills. 

Our small group trainings include 1 coach instructing a group of 6-8 athletes.