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Pickleball Clinics

Carolina Courts Pickleball Clinics

Recommended for Ages 16 and Older

All Clinics are held at our Indian Trail location!

* We Require You to Cancel 48 Hours Before the Clinic to Receive Account Credit

Our Instructor

Trish Snyder

Trish Snyder is an IPTPA Levell II instructor and has been playing pickleball for 15+ years. She is a competitive tournament player who has competed in both the 4.0/4.5 skill levels in doubles and mixed play. In 2016, Trish became a USAPA Ambassador because of her love of the sport and desire to share it with others. Trish has been teaching beginner and intermediate clinics since and has been instrumental in the start-up of numerous pickleball programs in the Greater Charlotte area.

Beginner Pickleball Clinics

 Our Beginner Clinic is for those players who have never played or have limited playing experience. Players will work on basic skills.  More time is spent on movement, paddle skills and control.  We will introduce the rules of the game and scoring.  Paddles and balls are provided if needed.

One Day Beginner Clinic Dates Are:

Dec 7 | Jan 11 | Feb 8 | Mar 7

9:45am - 11:45am | $20 per clinic


Advanced Beginner Pickleball Clinics

Recommended for Ages 16 and Older

 Our Advanced Beginner Clinic is a follow up for those who have taken the Beginner 1 clinic.  A quick review of the basics but more time is spent on game playing skills and an introduction to game strategies.

One Day Beginner Clinic Dates Are:

Jan 18 | Mar 14

9:45am - 11:45am | $20

Coached Play Pickleball Clinics

Advanced Beginners/Intermediate

Recommended for Ages 16 and Older

Our Coached Play Pickleball Clinic is an opportunity for Advanced Beginner and Intermediate Players to get instruction, feedback and strategy tips while playing games.  Participants should be players who have played in rotational play on numerous occasions and are ready for the next step.

One Day Beginner Clinic Dates Are:

Dec 14 | Feb 15

9:45am - 11:45am | $20