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Peak Junior Sand Volleyball Programs

Peak Club Travel Sand League

Ages: 12-18 Years

Tryouts:  TBD | 6:30-8:30pm | $25

 2022 Season TBD

Tuesdays & Thursdays | 6:30pm - 8:30pm | $325


18u division champions

16u division champions

Coed 16u division champions

2021 PEAK Sand Club Volleyball Frequently Asked Questions


(Q) How do I register for the peak Sand Club Program? 

Tryouts:  TBD 6:30-8:30 pm 

Registration for tryouts is on   Try-out Fee:$25.00 

If you are new to us must create an account for the parent and then add the athlete to the account. 

 Click the box on that says log in or create a Carolina Courts account. 


Q) What are the dates of the sand programs? 


Practice Time:  Tuesday & Thursday 6:30-8:30 pm


(Q) Do I need a Membership to compete?

(A) Carolina Region/USAV sanctioned events require all participants to be USA Volleyball members (for insurance reasons). Non-USAV members will have the opportunity to join on-site for $5 one-event fee or $15 Summer fee (non-members can also join beforehand by following the Online Registration instructions or contacting the Region Office). Current members should bring their USAV membership card (log in to your member account to print) to the tournament as proof of membership (if you played on an indoor team in the Carolina Region this past season, then you are a USAV member and should be in the online system).  The $15 Summer Membership category (granting full membership for outdoor events held April 1 - September 30, 2019) will be available in the USAV online membership system beginning in mid-March.  If you played indoor club you will already have a USAV membership

For more information visit the carolina region website at:


Q) What age group would I play in:

Sand divisions are:   18U  |  16U  |  14U 

Check for age divisions 


Q) Do I need a partner to sign up?

A)  No, you do not need a partner to join. The training is about making YOU a better volleyball player.  If you decide to play in any of the tournaments, it will be the player’s responsibility to find a partner based on player’s availability


(Q) What is the cost?

The Travel Sand session will be $325.   New enhancements to the program will include the branding of athletes uniforms, LONGER PRACTICES, software to run our tournaments, software to upload individual athletes scores to national rankings, PEAK tournaments listed on the JR Beach Tour, quality sessions and quality coaching.  Additional costs you may incur are personal travel, accommodations, meals, additional practice times then what is included, and tournament entry fees.


Q)  Are the tournaments included?

A)   Tournament registration fees are NOT included in club fees.  Participation in our home Peak tournaments on our schedule are highly encouraged.  Each team will be responsible for registering for the events through Carolina Region Volleyball.

  • PEAK player teams are required to participate in at least two  Carolina Courts Sand tournaments throughout the year.


 Q)  Are there uniforms?

A)  Uniforms are  included in the cost.  Each player during the summer session will receive two  branded PEAK tank tops.    A PEAK uniform top must be worn to tournaments.  You must also wear the same color of bottoms as your partner.  We compete as a club and the uniforms and proper attire at events is mandatory.  Rule addendum from USAV must wear top that covers stomach, and no bikini bottoms.  For practice and tournaments we will wear our club tank tops.


Q) How are Club practices set up?

A) Everyone that is a part of our club team will practice together on specific dates listed on the calendar.  We will split up in practices based on the drill/skill we are working on, ability and experience. There will always be coaches at each practice to work with smaller groups and to be able to work with players on a more personal level.


Q) Who will be my coach?

A) There will be 2-3 full time coaches for the summer   That will enable our players to receive consistent instruction.  sand program practices so that the players are receiving consistent instruction. There is no formal coaching at any of the tournaments as required by USAVB and tournament rules. Coaches may attend tournaments but can be requested to attend if coaching is desired between matches. Each coach has been USA Volleyball trained and has received hands on coaches training prior to season. 

Q) What is the weather policy for peak?

A)  The PEAK weather policy is as follows:  Practice will  be cancelled if:

  • prolonged periods of heavy rain prior to or during scheduled practice times that results in puddling and otherwise unsafe playing conditions on the court.  

  • If the town of Indian Trail deems the courts unusable.

  • Thunderstorms/lightning/tornado watch  

Q)  Where can I find the tournament/practice schedule?    

The Club practice schedule and encouraged tournaments are attached. There are more tournaments players can sign up for outside of this schedule through the Carolina Region Junior Beach website if they would like to play in more tournaments during the season: