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Financial Needs Scholarship Information


  1. A parent or legal guardian must accurately complete all information on this application form.  Attach additional pages if necessary. 
  2. Attach the following required documents:
    • Copy of the most recent year’s IRS tax return.
    • A personal reference form completed by an adult age 21 or older who is not a member of the family attesting to the applicant’s eligibility for the financial aid (attached)  
  3. Failure to provide all of the necessary documentation requires the Financial Aid Committee to deny the request for aid and will delay any approval.  There is a limited amount of money to provide financial aid and any delay in the review process may result in no aid dollars being available.
  4. Include all signatures and dates on the application and personal reference forms.  
  5. We recommend submitting applications by mail or email to Please make copies of all documents before submitting.
  6. Application Forms and all required documents must be submitted for each player separately.


Carolina Rise Scholarship Fund

240 Chestnut Pkwy

Indian Trail, NC 28079



  1. Financial aid will be granted, based on need, in an amount deemed appropriate.
  2. A family member will be required to sign a contract agreeing to payment requirements. There must be a true, verifiable financial need. 
  3. There must be evidence of good character. 
  4. A personal interview may be required of the applicant or a family member. 
  5. The committee will render a decision as soon as possible upon receipt of all necessary information. The decision of the Financial Aid Committee is final.  
  6. Information contained in this application is considered confidential by the Carolina Rise board, committee members, team coaches or manager and the parties making application for financial aid.