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Boys Basketball Indian Trial

Boys Basketball at Carolina Courts

Attack365 began during the summer of 2016 and has rapidly become one of North Carolina's premier Boys Basketball Academy. Attack365 focuses on club-level basketball, including teams, clinics, lessons and training - and we maintain that focus in everything we do. 

Attack365 operates under 5 key principles:

  • Inclusion - we welcome all boys to participate, including multi-sport athletes.

  • Team-Orientation - we emphasize the success of the team.

  • Development - we strive for players to develop long-term basketball and life skills.

  • Sportsmanship - we win with grace and we lose with dignity.

  • School First - we prioritize academics and school sports ahead of club sports.  


We currently offer boys basketball programs in our Indian TrailNC facility:

  • Attack365 Basketball Academy - boys club level basketball teams playing fall, winter and spring seasons in competitive leagues and tournaments. Available for 2nd-11th grade.
  • CC Elite - highest-level advanced training and teams for focused, dedicated travel basketball players. Available in 5th-11th grade.
  • Crossover League - non-"travel" training and teams for boys K-8th grades offered in spring, summer, fall and winter seasons. Ideal for boys not yet ready for travel teams, or for multi-sport athletes looking for a reduced time commitment compared to travel basketball. 
  • Camps & Clinics - weekly camps are offered during the summer, and shorter camps/clinics are offered on holidays or other "school-out" days.
  • Training - These development sessions will focus around  fundamentals of the game